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Dog Balm

Dog Balm

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Dog Balm is formulated to moisturize and protect the skin of your four-legged loved ones. This easy-to-use balm helps to keep their paw pads and skin soft and healthy. Whether you’re looking to soothe cracked paw pads or chapped noses, Dog Balm is the trusted solution.

 This dog balm is lick friendly, we have seen significant differences in our dogs in as little as 2 weeks.


Each Dog balm contains 10 grams of balm.



Candelilla wax,
coconut oil, avocado oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin E oil,

How to use

Apply balm to dried or cracked surface of nose
and/or paw. Rub it in until it is completely blended into skin. Discontinue use
if irritation occurs.

A Note to our Customers

Given the nature of our products being handmade in batches,
there will be variation in product appearances and not all products will appear
identical to product photos on our website. Thank you for your understanding!


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